Remington R300 Operations Instructions

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Read all instructions and warnings found in this manual
and on power load packaging before operating your
powder actuated tool. This manual should always ac-
company the tool and be transferred with it upon change
of ownership.
Model R300
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Instructions

POWDER ACTUATED TOOLMANUFACTURERS´ NSTITUTE INC.™OperatingInstructionsRead all instructions and warnings found in this manual and on power load p


10119586123456789101112122LEKCINBRASSCALIBERPOWERLOADSONLYNOTE: Failure to start with the lowest power level can result in overdrive condition and

Page 3 - Precautions

111195867. NEVER use common nails or other materials as fasten-ers. Remington® Power Fasteners are manufactured from special steel and heat treated t

Page 4

12119586WHY A POWER FASTENER HOLDS IN CONCRETEThe compression bond of the con-crete to the power fastener accounts for the majority of the holdin

Page 5

13119586FASTENING INTO CONCRETEThe proper power fastener length can be determined by adding the thickness of the material to be fastened

Page 6

141195862. Grasp muzzle and slide barrel forward rapidly until it stops. This sets piston into firing position and opens the chamber.4. Select the pro

Page 7

1511958690˚5. Push barrel into housing to the closed position.6. Place the muzzle of tool perpendicular to work surface without tilting the t

Page 8 - TOO THIN

16119586CARE OF YOUR R300Clean your R300 after each day’s use. Clean chamber with accessory wire brush, part number 056485 (Not included with tool). A

Page 9

17119586158171676932101811132201514419KeyNo. Part No. Description Qty.1 300001 Handle Screw 22 300110 Handle 13 300101 Safety Switch 14 3

Page 10 - Safety Precautions

181195863. To assemble, push piston (E) all the way into barrel (B) using a screwdriver (G). Slide the barrel assembly (B) into the rece

Page 11

19119586PROBLEMPiston hangs out of muzzle.Overdriven fas-tener.Piston jammed.Expended load will not extract.Reduction or loss of powerTool does n

Page 12 - Fastener Holds

2119586S FREMINGTON R300S FIndexWarning: Safety Precautions ... 3-11Why A Fastener Holds ...

Page 13 - Power Loads

20119586PROBLEMTool does not fire.Opening and closing of bar-rel or pushing down on the tool, etc. is not smooth but is rough or binds.POSSI

Page 14 - Operation

21119586IMPORTANT• Recommended for use with Remington® power loads and power fasteners.• If power fastener goes below the top surface of the board,

Page 15

22119586Technical ServiceYou may have further questions about assembling, operating, or maintaining this product. If so, you can visit our Technical S

Page 16

23119586Parts CentralsRay’s Portable Heater Service3191 Myers RoadCamino, CA 95709-9550530-644-7716Tool & Equipment Service Solutions, LLC5 Man

Page 17 - Parts List

24119586Limited WarrantyDESA Power Tools™ warrants the Remington® Model R300 against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year

Page 18 - Barrel Replacement

3119586 Warning: Safety PrecautionsThe following pages contain detailed warnings, cautions, and rules of safe operation. Read carefully and become f

Page 19 - Troubleshooting Guide

41195865. ALWAYS make sure the work area is clean from loose material and debris.1. NEVER place your hand over the muzzle. Accidental dis-c

Page 20 - Application Chart

51195864. NEVER carry or pass a loaded powder actuated tool. NEVER point a powder actuated tool at anyone.3. ALWAYS store UNLOADED powder

Page 21

61195867. An operator taking medi-cation should take extra precautions while handling the tool. NEVER drink al-coholic beverages or take

Page 22 - Repair Service

71195863. NEVER make fastenings in spalled or cracked areas.2. NEVER attempt to drive power fasteners into very hard or brittle materials including,

Page 23 - Parts Centrals

81195867. DO NOT drive power fasteners into steel base material less then 3/16" thick, within 2" of a weld, within 1/2" of the edge

Page 24 - Limited Warranty

91195863. ALWAYS use the spall shield when driving directly into concrete or steel. ALWAYS wear eye protection.4. NEVER use a powder act

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