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Important :
Read this manual and all labels carefully before operating your powder actuated tool.
This manual should always accompany the tool and be transferred with it upon change
of ownership.
Model 482
Powder Actuated
Fastening Tool
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Instructions

Important :Read this manual and all labels carefully before operating your powder actuated tool.This manual should always accompany the tool and be tr


10106088POWERLOADSPOWERLOADS123456789101112122LEKCINBRASS482-53CALIBERPOWDERLOADSONLY482-57POWERLOADSONLY2. Remington power loads are available in fou

Page 3 - Warning: Safety Precautions

11106088Safety Precautions6. Power fasteners are a permanently installed fixture. An act of demolition is requiredfor their removal. Appropriate safet

Page 4

12106088482-63Why A Power Fastener HoldsWHY A POWER FASTENER HOLDSIN CONCRETEThe compression bond of the concrete to the power fasteneraccounts for th

Page 5

13106088FASTENING INTO CONCRETEThe proper power fastener length can be determined byadding the thickness of the material to be fastened and theamount

Page 6

14106088Operation482-67482-68482-69482-71482-72482-73NOTE:Failure to start withthe lowest powerlevel can result inoverdrive conditionand will result i

Page 7

15106088482-75482-7490˚482-7630482-45482-77WATEROperation5. Place the muzzle of tool perpendicular to work surface without tilting the tool. Pushtool

Page 8

16106088IMPORTANT:Clean your tool after each day’s use. The parts shown in the illustration below shouldbe cleaned daily. Clean metal parts with acces

Page 9

17106088PROBLEMTool does notcompletely depress.Tool does not fire.Opening and closingof barrel or pushingdown of the tool, not smooth but isrou

Page 10 - Safety Precautions

1810608823* 9123456781011121314151617131819202122Parts List – Model 482KEY PARTNO. NO. DESCRIPTION 4821 078613 Piston & Ring Assembly 12 058971 Pi

Page 11

19106088PART NO. DESCRIPTION056415 Goggles056485 Brush, 1/4 in.056486 Brush, 5/8 in.103754 Hex Wrench, 3/16 in.102621 Accessory Muzzle Cap (for 3"

Page 12 - Why A Power Fastener Holds

2106088INDEXWarning: Safety Precautions... 2-11Why a Fastener Holds...

Page 13 - Selecting Power Fasteners

20106088Tool Disassembly and Assembly4. Slide ejector spring (21) around withinretaining slot in breech (17) to freeejector (16). Remove ejector. Insp

Page 14 - Operation

21106088568Buffer and Piston ReplacementTO REPLACE BUFFERAND PISTON:1. Remove tang cap (1), compressionspring (2), and tang (3). If tang does notdrop

Page 15

221060885/8" CAUTION: Do not use any load other than the 22 caliberneck-down crimped load. Other types of loads will cause load-ejection problems

Page 16 - Troubleshooting Guide

23106088Application ChartIMPORTANT• If power fastener goes below the top surface of the board, use penetrating control disc(* see illustration below).

Page 17 - Troubleshooting Guide (cont.)

Limited Warranty AgreementDESA warrants the Remington Model 482 Powder Actuated Fastening Tool againstdefects in materials and workmanship for a perio

Page 18 - Parts List – Model 482

3106088Warning: Safety PrecautionsThe following pages contain detailed warnings, cautions, and rules of safe operation.Read carefully and become famil

Page 19 - Tool Disassembly and Assembly

4106088Safety Precautions4. ALWAYS clear the work area on all sides and post appropriate warning signs on jobsites.5. ALWAYS make sure the work area i

Page 20

5106088Safety Precautions3. ALWAYS store UNLOADED powder actuated tool and power loads in a lockedcontainer. Keep power loads of different power level

Page 21 - Buffer and Piston Replacement

6106088Safety PrecautionsTOO BRITTLESurfaceshatters482-30CENTERPUNCH TEST482-277. An operator taking medication should take extra precautions while ha

Page 22 - Application Chart - Model 482

7106088482-34482-37Safety Precautions482-363. NEVER make fastenings in spalled or cracked areas.5. DO NOT fasten through or within 1/2" of predri

Page 23 - Application Chart

8106088NO90482-443/16" MIN1/2"1"482-416. DO NOT drive power fasteners into concrete less than three times as thick as theintended faste

Page 24 - Limited Warranty Agreement

9106088482-4930482-454. NEVER use a powder actuated tool in an explosive or flammable atmosphere orwhen non-sparking tools are required.2. Should the

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