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OnCourse Navigator 6.0 (OCN) for PDA
Quick Start Guide
Thank you for choosing OCN as your in-car navigator. The SD card version of the
program is very easy to use. You only need to plug the card into your PDA. A simple setup
procedure will then run automatically. Later OCN will start when you insert the card into the PDA
and will exit (without losing any data) when you remove it.
Plug & GO – as simple as that
Contents of this manual:
- What’s in the box?
- What’s on the SD card?
- Automatic setup
- How to start the setup manually (optional)
- Ready to navigate
o The first steps if you have no GPS
o The first steps if you have GPS
Automatic GPS detection
Manual GPS configuration
- Out on the road
What’s in the box?
On unpacking OCN6 you will find a preprogrammed OCN SD Card, a CD including multilingual
manuals and this printed Quick Start Guide. That is all you need to use OCN.
Please insert this SD Card into your PDA.
NOTE: If you have purchased a miniSD / microSD card version, you will need to remove the
miniSD /microSD adapter before using the memory card.
Note: Never format this SD Card or delete any content. Formatting this SD Card
means losing your license key and the complete map material!
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Quick Start Guide

OnCourse Navigator 6.0 (OCN) for PDA Quick Start Guide Thank you for choosing OCN as your in-car navigator. The SD card version of the program is

Page 2 - Automatic setup

Manual GPS configuration If you know where and how the GPS is connected, select Config. instead of Detect. In the next screen you need to se

Page 3

now white (if you have a GPS fix) or red (if you are inside a building), and the exclamation mark has disappeared. Out on the road The fir

Page 4

Interest), but later also from the previous search results, your own POI database, and your favorite destinations (originally called Home and Work).

Page 5

What’s on the SD Card? The OCN6 SD Card contains everything you need to use the system. There is no need for additional downloads from the Intern

Page 6

- When the PDA recognizes the card, OCN first asks you if the setup should start or not. Tap Yes to set up and start using OCN now, or No to set it

Page 7 - Ready to navigate

- Now select the voice profile for the guided navigation the same way you did for the written language. There may be several different possibilities

Page 8

- When Accept is selected the OCN main screen appears automatically. You are now ready to use the program. How to start the setup manually (optiona

Page 9

- Open Programs - Launch File Explorer - Open the folder of the memory card (its name depends on your PDA, usual names are ‘Storage Card’, ‘SD Ca

Page 10

- Tap on AUTORUN - Then follow the setup procedure as described in ‘Automatic setup’. Ready to navigate Now that the installation is complete an

Page 11 - Out on the road

The first steps if you have no GPS: Tap the MAP button on the main screen to start using the program as a map, searching for Points of Interest

Page 12 - Support options:

Automatic GPS detection The easiest way to connect your GPS is to launch Detect in the bottom right corner. The program will check each avai

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