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How to get a great shave
from your Remington
Titanium MicroScreen
Thank you for buying this premium shaver
from Remington
Inside you’ll find tips on using and caring for
your shaver to get the best shave possible.
Model Numbers:
Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
Never operate this shaver if it has a damaged cord or plug or if it
is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged or
dropped into water. Return the shaver to a Remington authorized
service center for examination and repair.
Never drop or insert any object into any opening on the shav e r.
Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products
are being used or where oxygen is being administered.
Do not use this shaver with a damaged or broken screen or cutter,
as facial injury may occur.
A lw ays attach plug to shav e r, then to outlet. To disconnect,turn all
controls to "Off " , then remove plug from outlet, then detach power
cord from the shaver for storag e .
Always store your shaver and cord in a moisture-free a r e a .M a k e
sure your cord is disconnected from the shaver.
Do not plug or unplug shaver when hands are wet.
For household use only.
For use on facial hair only. Should not be used for shaving the
hair on your head.
When using an electric shaver,basic precautions should always be
observed,including the following.Read all instructions before using
this shaver.
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
Do not reach for a shaver that has fallen into water. Unplug
Do not use while bathing or in the shower.
Do not place or drop into water or other liquid.
Do not place or store shaver where it can fall or be pulled into a
tub or sink.
Except when charging,always unplug this shaver from the elec-
trical outlet immediately after using.
Unplug this shaver before cleaning.
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric
shock, or injury to persons:
A shaver should never be left unattended when plugged in,
except when charging your rechargeable shaver.
Close supervision is necessary when this shaver is used by,on,
or near children or invalids.
Use this shaver only for its intended use as described in this
manual.Do not use attachments not recommended by the man-
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Titanium MicroScreen

How to get a great shavefrom your Remington®Titanium MicroScreen®Ultra Thank you for buying this premium shaverfrom Remington®.Inside you’ll find tips

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ChargeChargez votre rasoir pendant 24 heures avant de l'utiliser pour la première fo i s .Pour charger votre rasoir : Vérifiez que votre rasoir

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Modèles RemingtonM DTitanium Micro S c re e nM DU l t r aQuel modèle possédez-vous?MS3-1700 Fonctionnement sans fil,rechargeable avec (1 diode) témoin

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Remington Products Company, L . L . C .60 Main StreetB r i d g e p o r t ,CT 06604FABRIQUÉ EN CHINERemington Products (Canada) Inc.61 Amber StreetM a

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IMPORTANTES INSTRUC-CIONES DE SEGURIDADCONSERVAR ESTASINSTRUCCIONESCómo lograr una excelenterasurada con su Remington®Titanium MicroScreen®UltraGracia

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Placenteras rasuradas a rasFeliicitaciones por la compra de su rasuradora Remington®Titanium MicroScreen®Ultra es la primera rasuradora del mundocon c



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CargaAntes del primer uso de la rasuradora,se la debe dejar en carga durante 24horas.Para cargar las baterías: Asegurarse de que la rasuradora esté a

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Modelos Titanium Remington®M i c ro S c re e n®U l t r aCuál es su modelo?MS3-1700 Funcionamiento a batería recargable con (1 indicador indicador lum

Page 10 - Pour charger votre rasoir :

El servicio de garantía deberá ser realizado por un Centro de Serv i c i oRemington propiedad de la compañía o por un distribuidor de serv i c i oauto

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Getting a Close, Comfortable ShaveCongratulations on your purchase of a premiumRemington®shaver.Remington®Titanium MicroScreen®Ultra is the world’s fi

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Cleaning your shaver:TO ASSURE OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE,WE RECOMM E N DT H AT YOU CLEAN YOUR SHAVER AFTER EACH USE.Thecutting system of this shaver was des


Removing the HeadguardBefore operating your shaver, remove the headguard,which protects the screen and cutter assembly. It isimportant to remove the h

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THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE SHOULD BE FOLLOW E DIF YOU CHOOSE TO REMOVE THE BATTERY: To avoid a possible electric shock hazard,unplug cord from electric

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Warranty ServiceIn the U.S. and Canada,s e rvice is provided by our Company -owned Service Centers and over 300 Authorized Serv i c eD e a l e r s . F

Page 16

CONSIGNES DE SÉCURITÉIMPORTANTESComment obtenir un rasage deprès avec votre RemingtonMDTitanium MicroScreenMD UltraMerci d'avoir acheté cet exce

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Obtenir un rasage de près confortableNous vous félicitons d'avoir acheté cet excellent rasoir.Remington Titanium MicroScreen®Ultra est le premier

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Retirer la gardeAvant d'utiliser votre rasoir, retirez la garde qui protège lesgrilles et le bloc des couteaux.Il est important de retirer cor-re

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