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Model 476
The Remington Powerhammer is de-
signed for use with Remington Powder 22
caliber, Type A crimped loads and
Remington Power Fasteners which are
no longer than 63.5mm (2 1/2”).
Remington Power Fasteners are manu-
factured from special steel and heat
treated to produce a very hard, yet duc-
tile, fastener.
Always use Remington 22 caliber Type A
crimped loads or loads manufactured to
specifications outlined in the P.A.T.M.I.
“Technical Data Pertaining to Powder
Loads (Boosters)”, latest revision. Use of
loads other than those conforming to
these specifications may cause load-
ejection problems or damage the tool.
Read this manual and all labels carefully
before operating your powder actuated
tool. This manual should always accom-
pany the tool and be transferred with it
upon change of ownership.
WARNING: This tool is designed
only for use by qualified operators. Quali-
fication is obtained through a thorough
understanding of the
Safety Warnings
and operating instructions as defined in
this operating manual.
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Instructions

REMINGTON®POWERHAMMERModel 476OperatingInstructionsThe Remington Powerhammer is de-signed for use with Remington Powder 22caliber, Type A crimped load

Page 2 - WARNING:

10OPERATING THE TOOL1. ALWAYS hold tool perpendicular towork surface.2. Should the tool fail to fire, hold themuzzle firmly against the work sur-face

Page 3

11GASLINEGASOLINE482-49POWDERLOADS482-51POWDERLOADSSafety Precautions90°30WATERSpallShieldG 018G 018G 018G 018G 018

Page 4

126. Fasteners are a permanently in-stalled fixture. An act of demolitionis required for their removal. Appro-priate safety precautions must betaken.S

Page 5

13POWDERLOADS482-54POWDERLOADS482-55YELLOW?BROWN ?GREEN ?GRAY ?NOTE: Failure to start with the lowest power level canresult in overdrive condition and

Page 6

14Safety Precautions7. NEVER use fasteners longer than63.5mm (2 1/2”). NEVER use com-mon nails. Remington Power Fas-teners are manufactured from spe-c

Page 7

15Safety PrecautionsOverdriven FastenersAn overdriven fastener results when toostrong of a powder load is used causingthe piston to extend past the mu

Page 8

16LOADING THE POWERHAMMER1. Insert the proper fastener into themuzzle, round metal head first.Push fastener until the point is evenwith the end of the

Page 9

17OperationSpringMust BeCompressedFiringPinLine UpGroovesMuzzleFiringPinGripBarrelChamberLOADINGFIRINGEJECTINGContinued

Page 10 - Safety Precautions

18CARE OF YOUR POWERHAMMERClean your Powerhammer after eachday’s use. Clean chamber with acces-sory wire brush, part number 56485.Apply good quality p

Page 11

19Limited WarrantyDESA International warrants this RemingtonModel 476 POWERHAMMER against defects inmaterials and workmanship for a period of 30days f

Page 12

2WARNING:Safety PrecautionsBEFORE USING1. ALWAYS handle the tool as if itwere loaded. Before starting work,check that the tool is unloaded andthe muz

Page 13

101915-01Rev. B8/96IMPORTANTThis tool is designed to useRemington 22 caliber neck-downcrimped loads, power levels 1(gray) through 4 (yellow).Straight

Page 14 - Why A Fastener Holds


Page 15 - Overdriven Fasteners

4Safety PrecautionsHANDLING THE TOOL1. NEVER place your hand over themuzzle. Accidental discharge cancause serious injury.2. ALWAYS store UNLOADED pow

Page 16 - Operation

5Safety PrecautionsPOWDERLOADSPOWDLOADG 018G 018G 018G 018G 018

Page 17 - EJECTING

63. NEVER make fastenings in spalledor cracked areas.Safety PrecautionsKNOW YOUR FASTENING BASEMATERIAL1. ALWAYS know the thickness andtype of base ma

Page 18

7Safety Precautions????CENTERPUNCH TESTSinks inwithaveragehammerblowTOO SOFTTOO HARDPointflattensSurfaceshattersStart3GREEN2BROWN4YELLOWCASTIRONGLASST

Page 19 - Limited Warranty

8Safety Precautions4. NEVER drive fasteners into thin oreasily penetrated materials unlessit is backed by concrete or steel.When in doubt, such as whe

Page 20 - 5/8"

9Safety Precautions1”TOO THINWELD1/2”NOYESG 018G 018G 018G 01876 mm3"3X1X76mm3"76mm3"76mm3"5 mm MIN3/16" 25 mm1"13 mm1/

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