Remington 104316-01 Owner's Manual

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IMPORTANT: Read and understand this manual before assembling or
operating this chain saw. Improper use of saw can cause severe
injury. Keep this manual for future reference.
LNT-2: 076728J, 100089-06, & 099178H
EL-1, EL-1 Fast Sharp
EL-7: 075762J, 098031J, 099039J, 100015,
100089-01, 100089-04, 100089-05, & 100089-07
EL-7 Fast Sharp: 076702J
Pole Saw: 104316-01
Pole Saw Assembly: 104317
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Summary of Contents


®®IMPORTANT: Read and understand this manual before assembling oroperating this chain saw. Improper use of saw can cause severeinjury. Keep this manua

Page 2

10097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®BUCKING A LOGFigure 14 - Bucking Log With EntireLength On Ground WARNING: Avoid kickback.Kickback can result in severe in-j

Page 3

11097017OWNER’S MANUAL1st CutFigure 16 - Bucking Log When Log IsSupported On Both Ends2nd CutTRIMMING A TREE (Pruning)Figure 17 - Cutting A Limb WARNI

Page 4

12097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®CLEANING SAW BODYCLEANING ANDMAINTENANCEGuide BarWith UnevenWearFigure 18 - Guide Bar Cross Section Show-ing Uneven Bar Wea

Page 5

13097017OWNER’S MANUAL WARNING: Unplug chain sawfrom power source before servic-ing. Severe injury or death couldoccur from electrical shock orbody co

Page 6

14097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®PUSHTOSHARPENFiling Cutter Depth GaugesThe cutter depth gauge clearance is reducedas cutters are sharpened. After every sec

Page 7

15097017OWNER’S MANUALTROUBLESHOOTING WARNING: Unplug chain saw from power source before servicing.Severe injury or death could occur from electrical

Page 8

097017-01REV. X5/982701 Industrial DriveP.O. Box 90004Bowling Green, KY 42102-9004INTERNATIONALELECTRIC CHAIN SAW LIMITED WARRANTYAlways specify model

Page 9

2097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®SAFETYWARNINGSBEFORE OPERATING SAW1. Read and understand this owner’smanual before operating chain saw.2. Watch what you are

Page 10

3097017OWNER’S MANUALKickback Safety Devices OnThis SawThis saw has a low-kickback chain andreduced kickback guide bar. Both itemsreduce the chance of


4097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®CHAIN SAW NAMESAND TERMSBucking Process of cutting a felled tree orlog into lengths.Felling Process of cutting down a tree

Page 12

5097017OWNER’S MANUALPower CordRear HandGuardRearHandleFront HandGuardGuide BarSpikeSawChainGuide BarNoseScabbardOil CapTriggerSwitchLockoutMotorHousi

Page 13

6097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®MountingStand-OutsGuide BarBoltsGuide BarNutsAdjustingHoleGuideBarTappingScrewSawChainCuttingEdgeCuttingEdgeTowardsGuideBar

Page 14

7097017OWNER’S MANUALPUSHTOSHARPENINSTALLING AUTOMATICCHAIN SHARPENER(Fast Sharp Models Only)1. Screw automatic chain sharpener intothreaded hole.2. C

Page 15

8097017ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW®CUTTING WITH THE CHAINSAW1. Connect saw to extension cord. Con-nect extension cord to power supply.2. Make sure section of l


9097017OWNER’S MANUALFigure 12 - Felling A TreeDirectionof Fall2"1st Cut -LowerNotch Cut2nd Cut -UpperNotch CutHinge2Inches3rd Cut -Felling Cut W

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