Remington i-Light IpL5000 Troubleshooting Guide

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Customer Service Information
United Kingdom
+44 0800 212 438 (free call)
Rayovac Europe Ltd,
Watermans House, Kingsbury Crescent,
The Causeway, Staines, Middlesex,
Model No.
09/UK/ Version 0 /09 Part No.
is a Registered Trade Mark of Spectrum Brands, Inc.,
or one of its subsidiaries
VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA
Alfred-Krupp-Str. 9
73479 Ellwangen
© 2009 SBI
This product is not suitable for use in bath or shower.
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - +44 0800 212 438 (free call)

Customer Service InformationUnited Kingdom +44 0800 212 438 (free call)Rayovac Europe Ltd, Watermans House, Kingsbury Crescent, The Causeway, Staines,

Page 2

GB9 Preparing for Usei-Light Unit Diagram Reference (page 3) Familiarize yourself with the features of your new i-Light device.Flash Window (fig. 1-D)

Page 3 - Skin Chart

Getting Acquainted With i-Light10Flash Button (fig. 1-B)The Flash Button is located on the hand piece. To activate the flash bulb, ensure the Skin Co

Page 4

GB11 Getting Acquainted With i-LightLight Cartridge (fig. 1-G)Each light cartridge has a life of 1,500 flashes. When all flashes have been used, the c

Page 5 - What to expect from i-Light

12 Getting Acquainted With i-Light7 ]Test the i-Light device on your skin (fig. 5)1. Review the Warnings and Safety Precautions.2. Familiarize yours

Page 6 - Telogen Phase

GB13Getting Acquainted With i-LightTreat desired area(s) with the i-Light device – Single Flash Mode1. Place the i-Light hand piece against your ski


14Post Treatment Care / Treatment TipsTreatment Tips For best results, avoid overlapping flashes. This helps prevent exposure to more energy than is

Page 8

GB15Cleaning Your Device Do not depilate (waxing, plucking, threading or creams) during the treatment – shaving is acceptable as long as you avoid s

Page 9

16 Troubleshooting / Storage / Maintenancei-Light Device Maintenance CAUTION: Before performing maintenance on your i-Light device, ensure that the p

Page 10 - Preparing for Use

GB17 Frequently Asked QuestionsI have switched the unit ON, but I cannot increase or decrease the light intensity. Try resetting the unit by turning

Page 11

18 Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. What areas of my body can I treat with i-Light?A. i-Light is designed to be used on areas below the neck, including th

Page 13 - (fig. 5)

GB19 Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. What are the warnings against using i-Light?A. Certain conditions may limit your ability to use the unit. Please rea

Page 14

20 Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. Can I use i-Light if I have blonde, red, gray or white hairs?A. i-Light works best on darker hair types because they c

Page 15 - Post-Treatment Care

GB21Applicable Skin Tones, Skin tone chart – Fitzpatrick skin types 1 - 4You can use this skin-type chart for self-assessment, by adding up the score

Page 16 - Cleaning

22The Fitzpatrick Skin-Type ChartReaction to Sun ExposureScore 0 1 2 3 4What happens when you stay in the sun too long?Painful redness, blistering, pe

Page 17 - Troubleshooting

GB23The Fitzpatrick Skin-Type ChartTanning HabitsScore 0 1 2 3 4When did you last expose your body to sun (or artificial sunlamp/tanning cream)?More t

Page 18 - Frequently Asked Questions

24The Fitzpatrick Skin-Type ChartSkin Type Score - Fitzpatrick Skin TypeTYPE 1: Highly sensitive, always burns, never tans. Example: Red hair with fr

Page 19

GB25 Disposal / Service and WarrantyPROTECT THE ENVIRONMENTDo not dispose the product in household waste at the end of its useful life. Disposal can t

Page 20

GB Skin ChartSkin ChartDo not use on the face.Do not use near water.Read instructions manual before use.2

Page 22 - Genetic Disposition

Getting Acquainted With i-Light4What is i-Light?i-Light is a home-use device for the of body hair using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. This

Page 23 - Reasonable

52 ]Anagen Phase3 ]Catagen Phase4 ]Telogen PhaseGB Getting Acquainted With iLight

Page 24 - Tanning Habits

6 Warnings and Safety PrecautionsIMPORTANT SAFETY CAUTIONSBefore you start using i-Light:Be sure to read all Warnings and Safety Information Before yo

Page 25

GB7 Warnings and Safety Precautions Do not use if you have a skin disease such as active skin cancer, if you have a history of skin cancer or any ot

Page 26

8 Warnings and Safety PrecautionsAs with most electrical appliances, electrical parts are electrically live even when the switch is off. To reduce the

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